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Out of Unit Record Creation

In the insturctions for creating an out of unit record it has as the first step to have the member bring a copy of thier IOS so the information can be put in accurately and completely. This can be very cumbersom since many of the members do not even know what an IOS is and it takes months somtimes before they get around to geting them to me. In the mean time the member can not be added to the position they have been called to causing all the directory information to be inacurate. It seems to me that since the CHQ has the membership records for all members that if I could put in the members record number that the information needed to create an out of unit record could be automaticly loaded from CHQ. I am serviving as the Stake Executive Secretay in the BYU-Hawaii 1st Stake and have been asked by the Stake President to get our directory up to date. As of today there are only 7 of the 12 High Councilmen listed on the directory Most the the Wards do not have Bishopric counseors listed Only one of the members of the Stake Presidency is listed. How can I get these people into MLS when they are not geting me the information I need to create an out of unit record?

First of all, you're generally better off posting questions like this in the LDSTech Forum -- it gets a lot more traffic. But I can help you here anyway.
Second, no one will see your suggestion to change the way out of unit records are created. You should probably use the Submit Feedback link for that. I'm guessing that CHQ might have some concerns about sending someone's information to a stake without their records (there could be room for misuse of this feature), but it sure would streamline this process.
Third, in the meantime there are some workarounds. You can create an out of unit record with just the name, membership record number, birthdate, and birth place -- information that you can get directly from the member. Go ahead and create the record as soon as you have that information. The next step you need in order to put them in a leadership calling is a MP ordination. Information such as this on the out of unit record never gets sent to CHQ, so it won't be a problem if it isn't accurate. You could put a placeholder High Priest ordination (assuming this is a high priest) dated 1/1/2000 and performed by Brigham Young (some values that are clearly fictitious). MLS will warn you that they need to be confirmed before they are ordained to the priesthood, but you can ignore that warning. You can then enter them in the calling, and then the directory will be accurate. When they bring in their IOS you can edit all this information and make it accurate. -- Aebrown (talk) 21:19, 14 June 2012 (MDT)
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