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I live in the Pacific time zone and am spending some weeks in the Eastern time zone. So now, when I get on the ward calendar, all the events show up at 10:00 instead of 7:00! That's just silly. Think of all the church leaders who have to travel a lot. Does it change all their meetings and appointments every time they cross into another time zone? -- Mashamrell 20:43, 13 January 2012 (UTC)

First of all, creating a wiki page in the main namespace is not an appropriate way to ask a question. If there were an article named "Time zones," its purpose would be to explain the concept of time zones and how to use them properly. Questions should be asked on the wiki in Discussion pages. So I deleted the article you created, but preserved the content here on your User Talk page.
Second, if you want to ask a question, a much better venue is on the LDSTech Forum. Specifically, I would recommend that you post in the Calendar section of the forum.
Finally, your opinion may have a certain merit, but there are certainly excellent arguments for the way the Calendar application handles time zones; I don't see how it is appropriate for you to call the current implementation "silly."
  • Take your example of when a leader travels. If he doesn't change his computer's time zone, the times of the events won't change. But if he does change the computer's time zone, then that means he is adjusting his current time to match his new local time. In that case, if he's looking at an event from that location for today, it is certainly arguable that he wants to see when the event is happening according to his current time.
  • Some stakes span a couple of time zones. That means you could have a ward in one time zone, but its stake center is in another. There is no way to put events in two different time zones from the ward and the stake on the same calendar display.
  • Eventually, Church-wide events will be on the calendar. Are you proposing that they would appear on the calendar at the time in the time zone where they take place, regardless of the time zone of the computer your are viewing them on? That seems completely unworkable.
Anyway, there are some thoughts for you to consider. As I said, if you want to discuss this further, your best best is on the forum. -- Aebrown 03:28, 14 January 2012 (UTC)
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