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How do you include children in the wad directory?

I am trying to print a Branch Directory of all the branch member families. Only two children under age of eight are included in the directory, even though other children (with Record ID's) are listed in the "Children" tab of the father's record.

There is no entry in the "Customize" the report to include children.

There are no children under age eight in the "Primary" Organization Listing.


How do I print our a Branch Directory which includes all children in the Branch?

Thank you very much. I hope I get a response.

Elder Brady Assistance Branch Clerk Mukah Branch, East Malaysia

You created a new wiki page for your question, which is not the way the wiki works, so I've deleted that page. It's much better to post such questions in the Forum, probably in the MLS Support, Help, and Feedback section. There are many more people who will see your question there. And the Forum works much better for followup questions and discussion (which I anticipate may be needed for your particular question). -- Aebrown 04:28, 28 May 2012 (UTC)
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