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Recommendation for new counselor to stake president

I went to the Leader Resources page under forms for "Recommendations for New Counselor to Stake President" and when I entered our unit number (517348) it came up online correctly as the "Bluffdale Utah Stake" but when I printed out the pdf to fax it to the Office of the First Presidency it changed the name on the form to "Bluffdale 1st Ward." I doublechecked my entry of the unit number and it was correct both online and on the printed page but still printed out a ward in our stake and not the name of the stake. When I called a secretary in the Office of the First Presidency she told me that someone else had also reported an error in the printing of their stake. She asked me to just scratch it out and write the correct name of our stake. I can send you a scanned copy of what the hard copy looks like if you want.

If you have a question, it's much better to post a question on the LDSTech Forum, in the Leader and Clerk Resources section. There are many more people over there who are willing to help you. The main namespace of the wiki is definitely not the place to post a question -- that is reserved for actual articles on topics. That's why I moved this content to your User Talk page.
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