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CDOL Known Issues 2.3.2

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Applicable Version

CDOL Version: 2.3.2. Release Notes

Known Issues

The following known issues may affect some CDOL users:

General Users

  • Users viewing the Public Searches are able to edit them and save their changes to the Public Search they are viewing making it so others will see their search the next time it is run.
  • Share search link on search results throws error.
  • If a user had saved an Advanced Search that uses the "Active as of" date field, the user needs to edit the search and re-save it in order to complete resolve a problem which caused the search to only query correctly the first time it was ran.
  • The Materials Languages pick list in Advanced Search under Organization Language does not display all the language choices that are in the database for units with populated material language.
  • This release is incompatible with the Chrome or Safari 4 browsers.
  • In Firefox 3.5, the Classification functionality is cutoff on the Organization Edit|General tab. It is still usable.
  • In Internet Explorer, Advanced Search selections are not placed to the right of the box.
  • In Internet Explorer 7, trying to save or load a page often gets stuck.
  • In Internet Explorer 7, the existing address does not appear in view mode under Organization Edit|Address and Leader Edit|Address.
CDOL <-> MLS Processing
  • MLS files aren't automatically being generated for brand new units activated via the Boundary and Leadership Change process in CDOL.
  • MLS meeting time changes send the unit to verification. File processing has been put on hold until a patch is released. 1/7/09 Patch has been released and files are processing
  • Expand All/Collapse All functionality on the organization summary page only performs the opposite action of the current expand/collapse state. This means that any section that is currently expanded will be collapsed and any section that is currently collapsed will be expanded.
  • CDOL local name is populated as a duplicate of Latin name. Will be resolved in CDOL patch.
  • Sometimes the published version of a record is missing.
  • The order of the address types listed on the Organization and Leader Summary pages is not standardized.
  • Cannot copy e-mail list addresses to the clipboard.
  • Characters with diacritics sort after other characters in search results.
  • Printed directories do not show the full name of a leader.
  • Local names do not print on directories when they are selected.
  • Local names are not displayed in Printed Directories when they are selected.
  • A three-level Printed Directory is not displayed correctly.
  • The Copy From routine (edit addresses or phones) has been changed to fix a problem. However, the user interface is confusing. An improved user interface will be released in the CDOL patch.

Administrative Users

Letters and Certificates
  • CDOL letters have a problem processing through email.
  • Certificates and Letters do not clear out off the "to be printed" list once they have been processed.
  • Batch Process for certificates is not working.
  • Proposal Mission template does not add new unit number in footer.
  • Cannot edit Proposal Note, always get kicked out to the HTML home page.
  • Implementations from Proposals do not update legacy names.
  • Discrepancy between the release date appearing in Verification for a leader sent from MLS as opposed to the assignment record for the leader.
  • Discontinue a unit with a future effective date puts the unit in a partial published state and never updates the status or sends the unit to verification.
  • The number of items awaiting verification changes randomly.
  • Units that don’t have changes (such as the parent unit when changes are to a child unit) show up in Verification.
  • Cannot add scope to LOCATION role types when assigning these types of roles to users.
  • Some leaders are randomly set to sensitive status.
  • Units that are in a country that has the CDOL attribute Sensitive set to true for the country do not inherit the sensitivity.