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CDOL Release Notes

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Applicable Version

CDOL Version: Known Issues
Current Version Release Notes

New Features and Changes

Export Files

When exporting search results (or temple exports - requires rights) to Excel, CDOL now generates these files faster by using a stored copy (refreshed nightly) of the data.

Letters and Certificates

Pending batch letters and certificates lists are now generated nightly, and selected ones can be printed from the results page.


  • Added highlighting to the currently selected field.
  • Added a link to the release notes in the footer.
  • Added loading indicators to the advanced search page.

Language Support

Updated the new text added in recent releases for several languages.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release:

  • Resolved Firefox 3.5 issue with the Classification functionality being cutoff on the Organization Edit|General tab.
  • Resolved issues logging in with the Chrome or Safari 4 browsers.
Organization Summary Page Style
  • Changed Expand/Collapse All to not just toggle all. If some sections are expanded then the rest will expand.
  • Clicking on links no longer triggers an expand/collapse on that section while waiting to load the new page.
  • Changed the expand/collapse trigger area for the positions section to be just icon/assignment type/primary contact. Previously, it was triggering if you clicked on any of the contact information.
CDOL <-> MLS Processing
  • MLS files are now generated automatically for brand new units activated via the Boundary and Leadership Change process in CDOL.
Export Files
  • Fixed Export to File and Export for Mailing Labels from a Position Type search returning the first name in the list for each position in the organization.
  • Fixed carriage return showing as strange character in Export for mailing labels file when merged with Word.
Letters and Certificates
  • Batch certificates and letters now print.
  • CDOL local name is now not populated if it is a duplicate of Latin name.
  • Improved the user interface for The Copy From routine (edit addresses or phones).
Administrative Users
  • Proposal or Admin users can now reorder "Display Order" units in proposal.
  • Tier 2 positions with release dates won't show in verification.

Unresolved Issues

See CDOL Known Issues

Prior Releases