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Clerk and Technology Support site

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The official Clerk and Technology Support Site is located at It contains valuable resources, as well as helpful links to other areas on

Letters and policies

Main article: Letters and policies archive

This site contains a link to the Letters and policies archive page, a repository of official letters from Church headquarters that are relevant to clerk and technology issues. Some of the most helpful documents are official policy statements.


The Clerk and Technology Forum is located on the closely related site LDSTech. The forum can be accessed from the Forum link at the main page of the Clerk and Technology Support Site. The forum is a place where clerks may post specific questions, or browse or search the many existing threads for answers to questions that others have already asked. If your troubleshooting questions are not answered in this wiki, the forum is a valuable resource.


The site has links to the Record Keeping and Auditing Training, as well as MLS Downloads.


The Clerk and Technology Support Calendar shows deadlines that are relevant to clerks, such as the start of Tithing Settlement, the due date for the Outstanding Checks Report, etc.

Also, see the LDSTech site for events that are relevant to clerks. Occasionally there are webcasts or regional meetings.