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Facilities Zone

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A Facility (FAC) zone can be set up on a switch to be used with internet-enabled appliances (IEAs). IEAs are devices, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, that are connected to the internet. Some other examples of IEAs used in meetinghouses include door access, security, electrical, and irrigation systems. When connected to the internet, these systems can be monitored and controlled remotely by authorized individuals.

Facility Managers (FMs) receive guidance on when and where to use IEAs in meetinghouses, how to install them, and how to connect to them remotely. IEAs should only be used in meetinghouses with an approved firewall.  IEAs should only be plugged into a facilities zone port on the Meraki switch. If more than one IEA needs to be connected, configure each switch port connected to an IEA to be a facilities zone in Church Network Manager (CNM).

Some IEAs use a modem and a separate phone line instead of going through the meetinghouse internet. These IEAs can often be reconfigured to work through the meetinghouse switch, providing faster service and reducing the need for an extra phone line.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the technology specialist to make sure that IEAs don’t get removed from the facilities zone and that no other devices (such as computers or wireless access points) are plugged into a network switch port that is dedicated to the facilities zone.

Facilities managers or technology specialists should contact the Global Services Department (GSD) if they are unsure whether the facilities zone is enabled on the firewall.