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Improving Internet Access

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Internet access is a valuable resource in helping Church members fulfill callings, providing access to Church websites, and helping people learn about the Church and share the gospel. Users should be aware that internet access is a shared resource and that they should not overuse it.

Internet service in Church facilities is intended to further the purposes of the Church and to support administrative functions. Internet use in meetinghouses that is not Church-related may limit the ability of leaders and members to access Church-related content. This article explores ways to reduce internet traffic and improve network access.

Network Equipment

Ensuring the network equipment in the Church facility meets the standards provided by the Church can help improve internet performance. The following is a list of approved network equipment for the meetinghouse:

  • Firewall – Cisco/Meraki MX(xx)
  • Wireless Access Point (WAP) – Cisco/Meraki MR(xx)
  • Network Switch – Cisco/Meraki MS120-8FP, MS120-24P, MS210-24P, MS210-48FP

Making sure that enough WAPs have been properly installed will also improve internet performance in the building. Work with the facilities management group if you think additional WAPs need to be purchased or if existing WAPs need to be moved.

Member Education

Mobile devices consume network resources even when they are not actively being used. Encourage members to disconnect from the meetinghouse internet if they do not require this resource for Church-related activities. Most of the content provided by the Church can be downloaded. Encourage teachers with internet access at home to download media content for their lessons before coming to church.

Turn Off Wireless

Technology specialists can turn off the building’s wireless network (Wi-Fi) for appropriate events or timeframes through Church Network Manager ( Turning off the wireless network allows internet access only for wired network devices, such as webcast equipment, clerks’ computers, and some family history center computers. Instructions for disabling wireless access are found here.

Bandwidth Suggestions

If the meetinghouse has the following internet uses, then the listed Upload and Download speeds are generally required.

Internet Uses Upload Speed Download Speed
Member and Leader Services (MLS) 56 Kbps 128 Kbps
General Conference Online Viewing --- 512 Kbps
Family History Research 256 Kbps 512 Kbps
Email/General Internet Browsing 256 Kbps 512 Kbps
Meetinghouse Webcast Upload Speed

Broadcast Site

(Actual Available Bandwidth)

Download Speed

Receiving Site(s)

(Actual Available Bandwidth)

Recommended Bandwidth

Important: please see Webcast Overview for specific details.

10+ Mbps 20+ Mbps

If your tested speeds continue to be under the recommended bandwidth, speak with the facility manager about the Internet Service Provider.

Email [] if you are unable to resolve an issue. Contact the Global Service Center (GSC) to log a ticket and get support.