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Local Unit Apps Help Options

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If you are having problems with an application, want to learn how to use it, or want ideas on how you can use it better, there are several options available.

Help resources

Application Official Help Discussion Forum Community Help
Notes Help Forum Notes on
Calendar Help Forum Calendar
Directory Help Forum Directory
Newsletter Help Forum Newsletter
Lesson Schedules Help Forum Lesson Schedules
Maps Help Forum LDS Maps
Leader and Clerk Resources Help Forum Leader and Clerk Resources

Help documentation

These pages have detailed help documentation for each application. In some cases this may include other resources like tutorials, videos, presentations, or FAQ lists.

Discussion forums

Each project has its own discussion forum. Here you can ask others for help/ideas. You can also report issues you have found. If you are stuck, this is probably your best option. There is a large group of knowledgeable users willing to help answer questions, and these forums are often reviewed by the developers of the applications, so there is a good chance you could get your issue addressed directly.

Community articles

These articles are written by community members. Some of the articles include helpful videos.

Application feedback

Each application has its own feedback link (usually somewhere near the bottom of the page within the application). You can submit ideas, questions, or problems to this link. They will be reviewed and prioritized by volunteers or project team members. Due to limited resources, you may get a quicker response from the community by using the forums listed above.

Phone support

Technical support is available via phone as well. If you need immediate help, or have exhausted the other sources listed above, this is a good option. Phone support is usually oriented more toward clerks and leaders, so if you need to use this option, work through your local clerks or leadership and they can help you contact the help desk.