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Meraki WAP

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The Meraki MR3x wireless access point is a device that extends the range of a wireless network. In large meetinghouses, a single Access Point is often not strong enough to provide internet access throughout the entire building. Additional Wireless Access Points (WAPs) are necessary for maintaining meetinghouse network needs.

Facility management groups (FMGs) decide when to purchase and where to install WAPs based on the budgets and needs of local units.

MR3(x)s do not come with an AC power supply. FMGs should NOT order a power injector for each MR3(x) they purchase if they are not connecting the WAP into a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch. A PoE switch can also be used in place of one or more power injectors. The Meraki MS120-8FP and MS120-24P switches are PoE devices that can power the Meraki WAPs.

Follow these instructions to activate an MR3(x).