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Official communications

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Official Communications are sent by mail to stake presidents, and usually also to bishops. Wards and stakes should file printed copies of these letters. Electronic versions are sent to stake presidents via an official e-mail account and are also available in an online repository. Occasionally e-mail will be sent to stake clerks or stake technology specialists.

E-Mail account

To activate the stake president's account, call church headquarters and ask for the leader e-mail. They will confirm your stake data and send an initial password key to your stake president by regular mail. Using the password key you can login and access the account.

Official letters will be sent to the e-mail account. Other messages may also be sent to the stake's e-mail address by general authorities, area authorities, mission presidents, temple presidents, regional welfare personnel, and other stake presidents.

Online Official Communication Library

An official repository of communications is stored at The site requires Church Account credentials to access. As communications become out of date, they are removed from the repository.

The letters and policies archive on the Clerk Wiki is a collection of documents relevant to clerks that were originally posted to the Official Communication Library.

Church News

The Church News will occasionally publish letters that the Church chooses to make public.

E-Mail sent to clerks

Sometimes the Church will send notifications of new MLS software versions or other pertinent information to stake clerks or stake technology specialists. People with those callings can insure that they get the necessary e-mail by making sure that:

  • Their preferred e-mail address is correctly specified in MLS or the Directory on;
  • They have been given the correct standard calling in MLS.

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