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Satellite FAQ

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Will broadcasts be available live over the internet?

Most Churchwide broadcasts are made available for both satellite reception and internet streaming. To check a specific worldwide broadcast, see the Broadcast Schedule online. If you still have questions, contact the Global Services Department.


I have reviewed the documentation, but I’m still having trouble getting our broadcast solution to work properly. Where can I get additional help? has the latest training information on satellite setup. If the receiver, dish, or other components of the satellite system are having problems, contact the facilities management group to determine if the components can be serviced or replaced. The Global Services Department can also assist with satellite troubleshooting.

Is telephone support from the Global Services Department available on Sundays?

Yes. However, support is limited to one hour prior to the start time of the broadcast. We recommend that you test your Church broadcast solution at least one week in advance. Testing in advance will allow you to work out any potential issues and make calls to the Global Services Department well before the event, when the service department is not as busy.

We have implemented an alternative solution for viewing a broadcast, but we are having trouble with it. Can we get help from the Global Services Department?

If the broadcast solution you are using is internet streaming via, the Global Services Department can help you. If your solution is not Church-approved, the Global Services Department is not prepared to support your alternative solution.