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Tools and Resources

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Technology specialists (TSs) must understand many concepts in order to meet the needs of stake members. While the number of tasks can seem daunting, you have many resources to assist you in your calling. Below are the best places and processes for getting help with your calling. Become familiar with them so you can find support when you need it.


The largest resource available for TSs is On this site you will find overviews, step-by-step guides, support articles, and reference articles for all the technology you have responsibility over within a meetinghouse. For more information about MHTech, review the training guide.

Technology Manager (TM) is a web-based tool that allows TSs and some ward and stake leaders to manage meetinghouse networks. By accessing routers, WAPs, and other device settings, you can help maintain a fast and secure network. Read more information on Technology Manager here.

Previous and Current TSs

When possible, speak with your predecessor about best practices and stake-specific goals and issues. You can also reach out to others who hold the same calling in different stakes. Collaboration can solve problems that a single TS might not be able to handle alone. Use the Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL) at to locate other specialists.

TS Documents

By keeping a documents log, you can preserve and pass along critical information. Refer to these documents when troubleshooting, and keep them up-to-date for the use of future technology specialists:

  • Directory of stake leaders (available from Member Tools or from CDOL)
  • Boundary map
  • Stake webcast schedule
  • Church broadcast schedule
  • Problem log
  • Inventory checklist
  • Printed or PDF versions of key items for offline viewing
  • Building-specific technology setup instructions for Church events (webcasts, general conference, and so forth)

Global Services Department (GSD)

The GSD can help with many technical issues. Contact them when you need urgent support. Consider posting their contact information near key technology locations in your meetinghouses. Find out how to contact the GSD here (Global Services Department,

Support Process

When seeking help, try to follow this order:

  1. Start with to find answers to your questions. Send questions or feedback related to meetinghouse products to [[1]].
  2. Continue to peer-based resources. Try talking to previous and current TSs, viewing TS documents, and seeking out online forums or support documents from the product vendor.
  3. Seek assistance from the FMG or from the product vendors who installed the equipment.
  4. Finally, request help from the GSD.

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Useful Links

Technology Manager
Webcast Portal
Worldwide Church Events
Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders