CDOL Description


The Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL) contains information about Church organizations and leaders (ecclesiastical and temporal) throughout the world. CDOL benefits General Authorities, Church Headquarters personnel, Area administration personnel, local priesthood leaders, and Church managers and employees worldwide in helping them fulfill their assignments. Based on their assigned rights, CDOL allows authorized users to perform some or all the following tasks related to Church organizations and leaders:

  • View organization and leader information such as names, contact information, and dates.
  • View the organizational structure of units. For example, a stake would have links to the wards, branches, and any family history centers in the stake, and to larger entities that include the stake, such as areas, welfare regions, temple districts, etc.
  • Find contact information for any Church department.
  • Create a customized directory.
  • Perform searches for organizations or leaders using multiple search criteria.
  • Save searches.
  • View the current local time for units.
  • Print reports with user-defined parameters.
  • Access a Unit Locator to find what ward and stake contains a given street address.
  • View current unit boundary maps. (Currently for Stake and District positions).
  • View people in all standard and custom positions in the leader's ward and stake. Note that this is currently available to bishops and branch presidents, stake and district presidencies and stake and district clerks.

In addition, CDOL administrators and other users with specific rights may perform the following tasks:

  • Edit the information in the directory including adding positions and changing and deleting contact information.
  • Track and manage all existing organizations and leaders and allow new organizations, organization types, positions, and position types to be viewed and created.
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