CDOL tips of the week


This article contains a collection of weekly tips on using CDOL.


Tip 1: Adding Individuals to CDOL (requires rights to add/edit assignments in CDOL)

Tip 2: Editing CDOL Leader Names (requires rights to add/edit assignments in CDOL)

Tip 3: CDOL Keyboard Shortcuts (some shortcuts require CDOL Edit Rights)

Tip 4: CDOL HomePage Reports (General Use)

Tip 5: CDOL Search Smart (General Use)

Tip 6: CDOL Search Smart, Org Location & Advanced Search: City and last name (General Use)

Tip 7: CDOL Search Smart, Using Associated Organizations to find units with unknown names and/or leaders (General Use)

Tip 8: CDOL Search Smart, Using the Status drop-down field in Advanced Search (General Use)

Tip 9: CDOL Search Smart, Using the Church Location and Political Location drop-downs in combination to limit search results (General Use)

Tip 10: CDOL Search Smart, Using the Advanced Search Classification drop-down to limit search results (General Use)

Tip 11: CDOL Search Smart, Using the Property Address Field to limit search results (General Use)

Tip 12: CDOL Search Results, Printing the List from the screen (General Use)

Tip 13: CDOL Mailing Labels, New user interface will give new functionality (General Use)

Tip 14: CDOL Search Results, Using Make a Directory to create formatted reports (General Use)

Tip 15: CDOL Features, Organizations or Assignments marked "Private" (General Use and Some Edit Rights)

Tip 16: CDOL Features, Making Quick Links to People and Organizations (General Use)

Tip 17: CDOL New Release Now Available (General Use)

Tip 17b: Overview of the new Mailing Label feature in the new CDOL release (General Use)

Tip 18: CDOL Features, Working with new mailing labels (General Use)

Tip 19: CDOL Features, The Power of Refine Search (General Use)

Tip 20: CDOL Search, Sorting Search Results (General Use)

Tip 21: CDOL Use, Opening two simultaneous instances of CDOL (General Use)

Tip 22: CDOL Feature, Customizing the Mailing Label content and layout (General Use)

Tip 23: CDOL Search, Exporting Search Results to a File (General Use)

Tip 24: CDOL Feature, Using My Account (General Use)

Tip 25: CDOL Editing, Incorrect data displaying and how to fix (Edit rights required)

Tip 26: CDOL Feature, Using "Copy From" in edit (Edit rights required)

Tip 27: CDOL Use, Browser Compatibility and Timing Out Issues (General Use)

Tip 28: CDOL Search, Using the "Custom" option in Advanced Search under the Church Location drop-down (General Use)

Tip 29: CDOL Search, Sorting Search Results on Screen (General Use)

Tip 30: CDOL Use, When Errors Occur (General Use)

Tip 31: CDOL Use, Printing Summary Page Information (General Use)

Tip 32: CDOL Use, Changes Coming with New Version (General Use) (Edit Rights)

Tip 33: CDOL Use, Editing Names in CDOL (Edit Rights)

Tip 34: CDOL Use, Edit Your Own Contact Information in CDOL (General Use)

Tip 35: CDOL Use, Primary Contact and Setting the Primary Contact Flag (General Use) (Edit Rights)

Tip 36: CDOL Use, Address Formats in CDOL (Edit Rights)

Tip 37: CDOL Use, Primary Contact Information in CDOL (Edit Rights)

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