CDOL Requirements


CDOL uses your default Internet browser (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). To access CDOL:

  1. Enter the following URL (
  2. Enter your LDS Account User name and Password.
  3. Click the I agree, Sign-in button.

The main requirements for accessing and using CDOL are that you are in a position that has been approved for CDOL access. In general, CDOL is limited to people in these five groups:

  1. General Authorities
  2. Church Headquarters personnel in positions requiring access
  3. Area Administration personnel in positions requiring access
  4. Local Priesthood leaders in specific callings
  5. Church managers and employees worldwide working in positions requiring access

See CDOL Authorized users section for more specific details.

In general, you can navigate in CDOL the same way you navigate in other Web-based programs. However, when using CDOL, do not use the back or forward buttons in your Web browser. Use the navigation tools provided within CDOL.

CDOL is based on individual Web pages. Each time you click on a link, you move to a new Web page.

CDOL uses an Internet-standard mouse-over to highlight links instead of underlining them on a Web page. As you move the mouse over a link, an action such as a dropdown window opening or a color change occurs.

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