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Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders

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The online Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL) provides authorized priesthood leaders and clerks with information on Church units and other organizations within the Church, including contact information for their leaders. CDOL is available to:

  • General Authorities
  • Church headquarters managers and employees based on their assigned responsibilities
  • Area administrative office managers and employees based on their assigned responsibilities
  • Local priesthood leaders worldwide


CDOL allows leaders to:

  • Look up leaders of other units, including contact information
  • See the organizational structure of units. For example, a stake would have links to the wards and branches within the stake and any family history centers in the stake, as well as larger entities that include the stake, such as areas, welfare regions, temple districts, etc.
  • Access a Unit Locator to find what ward and stake contains a given street address
  • View current unit boundary maps.
  • Find how to contact any Church department
  • Create a customized directory
  • Perform searches for organizations or leaders using multiple search criteria
  • Save searches
  • See the current local time for units
  • See all Standard Positions for units in the user's ward and stake
    • This is currently available to bishops and branch presidents, stake and district presidencies and stake and district clerks.
  • As of 19 May 2011 CDOL ward and branch summary pages now show the following positional information in addition to those previously included:
Ward Branch
Bishopric First Counselor Branch Presidency First Counselor
Bishopric Second Counselor Branch Presidency Second Counselor
Ward Executive Secretary Branch Executive Secretary
Ward Clerk Branch Clerk

Accessing CDOL

This online CDOL uses LDS Account credentials and is located at . If you do not have an LDS Account, you will need to create one the first time you visit the website. This can be done by clicking the link "Register for an LDS Account."

Authorized users

User privileges are based on the nature of the assignment (such as Stake President, Bishop, Ward Clerk, Church Employee, etc.). In most cases, users have only search and view capabilities. Adding and editing rights are limited to users in specific positions, such as managers and employees at Church Headquarters and Area Administrative Offices.

To have access, users must be listed in the correct standard position in CDOL and have an LDS Account. People with these callings will be listed in CDOL if they have been added using the appropriate Leader and Unit Change Request form or are properly listed in MLS using the standardized callings.

The following positions have been approved for access:

Stake Ward
Stake President Bishop
Stake Presidency Counselors Bishopric Counselors
Stake Clerk and Assistant Clerks Ward Clerk and Assistant Clerks
Stake Executive Secretary and Assistant Executive Secretary Executive Secretary
District Branch
District President Branch President
District Presidency Counselors Branch Presidency Counselors
District Clerk and Assistant Clerks Branch Clerk and Assistant Clerks
District Executive Secretary and Assistant Executive Secretary Branch Executive Secretary

The above positions have the following rights:

  • View all public non sensitive data.
  • Edit contact information for their positions.
  • View all Church standard positions for their units.
  • Stake/District positions can view all standard positions on their child units.
  • Ward/Branch positions can view all standard positions for their Stake/District.
  • View current unit boundary maps.

Family History Center directors

FHC directors can access CDOL, but can only view the following organizations: Family History Center, Family History Service Center, Family History Training Center, and Family History Center - Public Library.

Alternative for those without access to CDOL

Someone without access to CDOL can look up the leader of a congregation using LDS Maps. Enter a member's address and the congregation responsible for that location is displayed. Click on that congregation's link to view the bishop's last name and a phone number.

Data interchange between CDOL and MLS

Depending on the position being updated, data may flow in either direction between CDOL and MLS. CDOL also negotiates the exchange of data between stakes and its units (wards and branches) when changes made using the stake's MLS affect those stake units or when changes made using the ward's MLS affect the stake unit.

General Process
Clerk enters or changes position(s) in MLS.
Clerk performs a MLS Send/Receive.
CDOL processes data (usually within one hour of receiving, but Sundays may be several hours).
For Wards/Branches - CDOL sends the positions to the Stake/District.
For Stakes/Districts - CDOL sends the positions to all the child units.
Positions which show on the CDOL summary (Stake Clerks, Assistant Stake Clerks, Executive Secretary).
(All of the General Process applies)
These are verified by a user at Church Headquarters before the change is shown on the summary page and sent back to units.
Positions requiring Headquarters approval (Stake Presidency, Bishop).
(All of the Positions which show on the CDOL summary applies)
CDOL ensures that the correct approval has been granted before allowing verification.
For new Stake Presidents this means confirming with the paperwork returned by the visiting General Authority.
These position changes are done from the Stake’s MLS through the Leader and Unit Change Request.

Supported languages

The Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders will be translated into a total of 41 languages. Currently over 80% are translated.

Released languages

CDOL is currently available in the following languages. Please note that languages are viewed based on the user's browser setting. If the user's browser is set to Spanish (es) then the user will see CDOL screen text in Spanish.

Language Code Language Code
Albanian sq Armenian hy
Bulgarian bg Chinese - Traditional zh
Czech cs Danish da
Dutch nl English en
Estonian et Finnish fi
Fijian fj French fr
German de Greek el
Hungarian hu Italian it
Japanese ja Korean ko
Lithuanian lt Mongolian mn
Norwegian no Polish pl
Portuguese pt Romanian ro
Russian ru Samoan sm
Serbian (Cyrillic) sr Slovak sk
Slovenian sl Spanish es
Swedish sv Thai th
Ukrainian uk Vietnamese vi

Pending translations

CDOL is scheduled to be translated into the following languages.

Future releases

Language Code
Cambodian km
Croatian hr
Icelandic is
Indonesian id
Laotian lo
Latvian lv
Tongan to

CDOL versions

Version Release Date Related Pages Release Type
3.0 27-30 January 2012 Release Notes Known Issues Regular
2.5.2 11 April 2011 Release Notes - Patch
2.5.1 3 Feb 2011 Release Notes - Patch
2.5 16 Dec 2010 Release Notes Known Issues Regular 21 Oct 2010 Release Notes - Patch 22 Sep 2010 Release Notes Known Issues Regular
2.4.3 19 Aug 2010 Release Notes - Services
2.4.2 1 Jul 2010 Release Notes Known Issues Regular 20 May 2010 Release Notes Known Issues Patch
2.4.1 22 Apr 2010 Release Notes Known Issues Regular 28 Jan 2010 Release Notes Known Issues Regular
2.3.2 14 Dec 2009 Release Notes Known Issues Regular

The CDOL has been published in a variety of formats:

  • Originally, the CDOL was published in book form.
  • Later it was published on CDs that were sent to local units. The last update on CD was distributed in March 2007.
  • The first online version of CDOL was created at This website used NetID login credentials. As of 31 December 2008 this site ceased being promoted; in August 2009 it was discontinued and now simply directs users to register for an LDS Account and then use the new site at .
  • The current version of CDOL was announced in a letter dated 18 December 2008.