CDOL Release Notes


Note: The CDOL is a patch release designed to fix high-priority issues introduced with the previous release. It does not constitute a planned release from the CDOL roadmap.

Applicable Version

Release Date: 20 May 2010

CDOL Version 
CDOL Known Issues
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New Features

  • Updated CDOL functionality to work in cooperation with the New to create/modify/discontinue stake and district email addresses for leaders.
  • In order to correctly comply with application name standards and to reduce confusion, the Meeinghouse Locator link at the top of the page name was changed to LDS Maps (this is the official name of the application).
  • Added the ability to display a person's CMIS name (making a call to CMIS) when reviewing data in Verification. However, in order not to degrade performance, this feature is turned off by default. Once the release has happened successfully, this feature will be activated and reviewed for performance analysis.
  • The CDOL user manual has been moved to the Wiki. Clicking the user manual and FAQ links in CDOL will now take the user to the corresponding Wiki pages.
  • Added simple user notification functionality.
  • Added functionality to mark new created organizations as "withdrawn" when the owner proposal is withdrawn.
  • Added date range parameter to customer reports. Users can now modify the report date range in several different ways.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved with this release.

General (affects everyone)

  • CDOL-4791: Signing in to CDOL now takes at least 10 seconds
  • CDOL-4847: Deep linking to a search result page results in a large query and slows down user performance

MLS File Processing

  • CDOL-4810: MLS block/sacrament meeting times update fail if a unit hasn't ever had the Block/Sac meeting time set in CDOL


  • CDOL-4771: Proposal history dates don't display as they are recorded in the database
  • CDOL-3642: Adding new data in the proposals data entry fields wipes out the existing document

Web Services

  • CDOL-4430: Trace thrown trying getPositions()


  • CDOL-4833: Change the label "CMIS Name" in Verification to read "Ecclesiastical Name"

Organization and Assignment Edit

  • CDOL-4805: Font in edit screens is a lot smaller
  • CDOL-4871: Hot keys for edit screen tabs are not functioning (Ctrl+2 ctrl+3 etc)

Unresolved Issues

See CDOL Known Issues

Language Support

No additional language support was added with this release.

The non-English languages whose language strings are reasonably up-to-date with this release are:

  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • German
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Norwegian

All other languages have missing translations.

Prior Releases

See CDOL Prior Releases

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