CDOL Release Notes 2.5


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Release Date: 16 December 2010 at 17:00
CDOL Version: CDOL 2.5 Known Issues
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Objectives of this Release

  1. Resolve significant BLCC proposal JIRA issues to improve usability and performance for Church Organization Services.
  2. Provide support for Internet Explorer 8 to support Church move to Windows 7 desktop.
  3. Instigate new CDOL core code which is used by both the CDOL web application and CDOL web services ensuring the same business rules are applied for consumers
  4. Begin cleanup of organization association relationships. Some data were incorrect in the previous CDOL systems and have not yet been corrected. This effort is not release dependent, but does require team resources, which is why it is included as part of this release.

New Features

A significant change to the way assignments can be added in CDOL is introduced with this release. In CDOL 2.5, new assignments can now be added using the LDS Account username for the person in addition to using the Membership Record Number (MRN). Previously only the MRN could be used. This change should make it easier for CDOL users to add users into assignments in CDOL.

  • [CDOL-5189] - GENERAL (AFFECTS EVERYONE) - Verify that web security certificate is up-to-date
  • [CDOL-5184] - HOME PAGE / REPORTS - Users have asked for a way to alphabetically sort the items listed under "People" and "Organizations" on the home page
  • [CDOL-5214] - LETTERS - Ecclesiastical Name Letter tokens needed for Seventies certificates
  • [CDOL-5194] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - Display unit's creation date on Org Summary under General Information.
  • [CDOL-5193] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY, POSITION SUMMARY - User would like the separating comma removed between the display of the local 1 and local 2 names
  • [CDOL-5142] - PERFORMANCE - Create a way to disable logging when load tests are run
  • [CDOL-4891] - POSITION EDIT - Add ability for edit users adding new assignment to use the person's LDS Account username as an alternative to using the person's MRN
  • [CDOL-3496] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Add a "select all" option to the add, remove, and transfer modals for the associations in organizations tab of proposal edit
  • [CDOL-5161] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Include reinstated units in the footers where new units are listed
  • [CDOL-5162] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Provide a way to optionally print parts of a proposal document
  • [CDOL-5160] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Change stake growth table to be inserted via a link
  • [CDOL-4690] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Add ability to order the printing of attachments on Proposals
  • [CDOL-5128] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Add Area President name to stake/district proposal header
  • [CDOL-5133] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - In the phrase "Proposed mission:" in the summary section, the word "mission should be lower case
  • [CDOL-5129] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Discontinued units (wards/branches) should appear at the bottom of the section
  • [CDOL-5135] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - On Mission proposals, add name/unit number to footer information
  • [CDOL-5131] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Add a "patriarch" and "stake counselor" table to the end of the stake proposal
  • [CDOL-5134] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Add new printable PDF to event page for mission creations that shows assigned stakes/districts
  • [CDOL-5132] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - The "Temple" proposal templates are not working
  • [CDOL-5158] - SERVICES--POSITION MANAGEMENT - Add empty callings functionality to CDOL services

Resolved Issues

  • [CDOL-5218] - BUSINESS RULES - Four Sensitive units do not display parent on summary page, although edit shows they all have an active parent, but found the parent had a problem
  • [CDOL-5163] - DATA ISSUES - Unable to add primary language flag to district 610445
  • [CDOL-5109] - DATA ISSUES - Cannot edit Area Seventy's phone number
  • [CDOL-5221] - INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS - Add app property to turn off ldsmail service access
  • [CDOL-5145] - MLS FILE PROCESSING - Unit 509183 shows a newly called stake president, but was not in verification
  • [CDOL-5078] - POSITION EDIT, PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Can't add an address for an assignment for a new org
  • [CDOL-4652] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Proposals/Agenda: proposals are still selected even though the box is not checked
  • [CDOL-3743] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Scroll bars hide editing header
  • [CDOL-4201] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Changing a proposal decision from pending to withdrawn enters 2 historical events to the proposal instead of just one
  • [CDOL-3741] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Formatting problems with stake proposal
  • [CDOL-4433] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Proposal Mission Template not put new unit number in footer
  • [CDOL-3361] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Proposals - Line Format differences between Firefox & IE Displays
  • [CDOL-4141] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Make each proposal event unique even though they are involved with only one unit
  • [CDOL-5173] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - After changes to events, they won't show up in the list immediately
  • [CDOL-5071] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - All pending events were NOT automatically implemented for P74934
  • [CDOL-3960] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Proposal headings disappearing
  • [CDOL-5149] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Implementing proposal problems
  • [CDOL-4055] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - IE-only - Proposal document edit box is only 5 lines high
  • [CDOL-3841] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Can't delete a proposal once the document has been created
  • [CDOL-5127] - VERIFICATION - Larger (much larger) than normal number of units with no changes appearing in Verification
  • [CDOL-5174] - HOME PAGE / REPORTS - Under Reports on the Home Page, remove "Welfare Region" from the Church Organizations by Area
  • [CDOL-5147] - ORGANIZATION EDIT - Cannot add historical leader to discontinued District

Language Support

No additional language support was added with this release.

Prior Releases

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