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Ward Clerk and Ward Membership Clerk

In both of these sections on this page, it shows the administration office and the Wiki. First, why redirect them to the main page of the wiki when they are already on a page on the wiki? It seems a little redundant. Second, when a new ward clerk is called, the initial training and assistance should come from the stake clerk or assistant stake clerks as out lined on page 140 in the Church Handbook of Instructions. [1] Really, the link to the administration office should be listed in the stake and assistant stake clerk training sections, rather than with the ward or assistant ward clerks. The responsibility of training new clerks should fall on the shoulders of the stake, not the administration office. --Caleb 21:21, 21 August 2009 (UTC)

I think the link to the wiki does make sense. Just because you're on the wiki doesn't mean that you realize that the wiki is a valuable resource for learning about reconciliation, membership record moves, custom reports, etc. I would fix the wiki link to be a wikilink, not an external link.
But I definitely agree that the Administration Office link really doesn't belong there. It absolutely doesn't belong at the ward level. We need to point ward clerks to the stake clerks for training and support. I even wonder if the Administration Office link belongs at the stake level. I need to know how to contact the Administration Office in order for me to fulfill my stake calling, but I don't look there for training. If I were to call up the Administration Office and say, "Please train me," I really doubt that they would do any training, except to point me to all the other resources that are already mentioned. -- Aebrown 23:28, 21 August 2009 (UTC)


  1. Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 1 [2006], 140.