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CDOL Frequently Asked Questions

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The following questions are those most frequently asked about CDOL and its operations. They should help you in your initial troubleshooting efforts. If you encounter problems that are not addressed here, click the Feedback[1] link on the main CDOL screen and describe the nature of your problem.

General CDOL Navigation

Why does using the Internet browser’s back button cause problems in CDOL?

When you go to a CDOL page, large amounts of data are loaded on the page and its tabs. When you use the browser’s back button, many of the data elements are not currently active and may not reload. You therefore see erroneous data on the screen. To be safe, always use the links within CDOL to navigate.


Why is it important to add contact information before I make an assignment active?

Once a position becomes active and the information is verified, many departments of the Church receive this information. They are affected if there is a lack of contact information. Financial accounts, missionary recommendation, and system mail are some examples of systems that need this information to be present.

What is the difference between organizational e-mail and personal e-mail?

Organizational e-mail stays with the life of the organization. Domestically, any unit that receives financial statements will use organizational e-mail to receive official statements. All organizational e-mail must be on Church-hosted e-mail services to avoid conflict of ownership of the e-mail content.

What in CDOL has changed about organization names?

Formerly, the organization type was appended to the name. For instance, the name Crescent 14th was of the type “ward.” In order to avoid confusion and allow for ease in localizing the name, the name is now “Crescent 14th Ward” and still has the type of “ward.”

CDOL now also allows the user to enter a localized name and address for all units.

How do localized names get into the CDOL database?

The localized names for all units in the AOCDS database will be imported into the new CDOL database structure. You can also add localized names as you use the system. They will then flow back into the AOCDS table structure and CMIS.


What if I find something wrong with the historical leadership information listed for a unit?

Historical leadership was entered from a variety of sources. Sometimes historical leadership information was incomplete or had conflicting information. Historical leadership data correction and additional information are encouraged. Please send your suggestions through the feedback link in CDOL or send an e-mail to

When I am putting a person into a position in CDOL, why can’t I search and find the person by name? Why do I have to use the person’s membership number?

In order to provide data privacy for the members of the Church, a search by name was not possible. Please search by the membership number.

What are “acting leader” positions, and when are they used in CDOL?

The First Presidency’s Office has instructed MSR Church Organization Services to use acting leader positions only in active units as short-term solutions when a leader is actively being considered. To comply with these instructions, the MSR staff at Church headquarters is responsible for entering all acting leader information in CDOL after determining that the request meets these new guidelines. The MSR staff at Church headquarters will also closely monitor all acting leader positions in CDOL and will follow up with MSR managers as needed.

An “acting leader” position is used for cases where the leader has passed away, moved, or can no longer lead the unit. For example, in an “acting ward leader” position the stake president usually appoints a high councilor or himself to take care of the unit. The original bishop is left in the calling and his counselors continue to function, but in CDOL the primary-contact star is removed from the bishop’s name and put on the acting bishop’s name.

The “acting ward leader” position is not used when a bishop is called to the stake presidency in some capacity. He remains as bishop until the stake president recommends and receives First Presidency approval for a new bishop to fill the position.

The “acting branch leader” is used in cases where a missionary is serving in a branch president’s position while on a mission. An “acting branch leader” position filled by a missionary does not require a setting apart date or the day he actively begins serving. In CDOL, if the name of the missionary is not available, the mission president is normally entered in the position, although it can be filled by a district president.


How do I give a person access or different rights in the CDOL system?

Access to the CDOL system is largely determined by the position that an individual occupies in the system. As an individual’s position in the system changes, it will automatically grant or remove access privileges. As a new person is assigned to a position, the correct CDOL rights are automatically granted.

There are also some rights that are assigned to individuals.

Why can’t I update directory information for missions?

The Missionary Department is the data steward for missions and has the responsibility to edit and maintain all mission information. Any requests for changes related to missions should be brought to the attention of the Missionary Department at Church headquarters.

One of my personal directories disappeared. Why?

Your rights have changed and you no longer have access to view that information.

Why can’t I add a bishop or stake presidency counselor to a ward or stake?

Approval for bishops and stake presidency counselors is granted by the First Presidency. If you try to put in an individual into one of these callings and they are not listed as approved to serve in that unit, the system will prevent the data entry and ask that you contact your Area Office or the Office of the First Presidency to resolve the matter.

How do I assign someone to verification duty?

All verification rights are assigned by headquarters. The local MSR manager submits the names of individuals to Jana H. Nytch (Church Organization Services) at Church headquarters to get the proper rights assigned.


What does the message “Unpublished Changes” mean on the organization summary screen?

Whenever changes are made to an organization or any of its assignments, staff members verify that the changes are correct and make adjustments as necessary. These changes will not show up on the summary screen until this verification has occurred.

When I type information into CDOL, why doesn’t it immediately show up in CDOL?

In order to maintain the highest data quality possible, all changes made to designated organizations require verification after the original data entry. The responsibility to verify data is assigned to designated individuals.

Once the information is verified, it is published into the database views.

Management assigns verification duties. Please check with your management to see who has this duty.

What are business rules?

Business rules control publication of data. All required information must be present to publish. This information will be displayed on the edit screens and verification screens to inform the user of needed tasks.