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CDOL Release Notes 2.4.1

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Applicable version

CDOL Version: 2.4.1 Known Issues

New features and changes

General enhancements (affects all users)
  • A user preferences page has been added (see My Account up by the logout link). This lets users control the default settings for their home page and which sections expand automatically on an organization's main page.
  • A user is automatically redirected to the sign-in page when the user's session times-out resulting in reduced confusion.
  • Users are notified on the sign-in page when they are using a browser which is not supported by CDOL. Users are also informed which browsers work best with CDOL.
  • The Church's logo on the sign-in page now links properly to
  • The date a printed directory is generated is now printed on the directory.
  • Users using the Advanced Search are now able to show hierarchical relationships when grouped by Church location.
  • Search results can now be printed in an user-friendly format for all searches as well as exported to a spreadsheet.
  • Date formats are now consistent throughout the application (in the D MMM YYYY format).
  • The label "ext" is now added to phone number fields which contain an extension.
  • The order in which contact information appears on summary screens is now standardized (alphabetically).
  • In Advanced Search when searching by location (country) a user now has the option of using the location specified in the organization's address country field, or by the official primary location stored for the organization.
  • Deep links now work after logging in. (If you try to go to a bookmark for example and aren't signed in, you get the sign in page, and after signing in go directly to the bookmarked page)
  • Custom Positions now show on the Show all positions page.
Web service change
  • Family History is now able to consume FH data stored in CDOL custom fields through the CDOL web service.

Language support

  • No new languages were added with this release. See the Pending Translation section for the list of unreleased languages.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed error message problem appearing in Safari.
  • In general, error messages are now readable.
  • Fixed the "system hanging" problem caused when making a printed directory when a search on position is performed rather than on organization.
  • Fixed the duplicate entries sometimes occurring when exporting data to a spreadsheet.
Printed directories
  • The help link to describe primary contact and key positions now has information appearing.
  • Printed directories no longer shows duplicate leader phone numbers.
  • Printed directories now show the correct CDOL version printed at the bottom.
  • In IE7 fixed problem where tabs were shortened.
  • Fixed the field label formatting on several screens so they are consistent.
Administrative users
  • Provided a way to limit scope functionality to include associations that don't walk the chain up or down (but side to side). MSR Office users can now have the role assigned to the position instead of the user.
  • If a leader's active date is sent from MLS as 5 Apr 1830 it no longer appears on the organization and assignment summary pages.
  • Feedback is now handled through Allegiance instead of Remedy.
  • Proposal History information is now available for MIC to consume so GSC metrics can be produced.
  • Admin users now have the ability to mark an Organization's history complete.
  • Proposal attachments now support the Keyhole Markup Language (KLM/KMZ) file type attachments. However, they do not print as part of the agenda--only PDF files do.
  • In Verification the name of the person tied to a MRN is now shown to reduce confusion when a user types a new preferred name for another MRN.
  • Emailing letters to leader now works correctly (emails are sent).
  • The "lock sensitivity" check box now works correctly in IE7.

Unresolved issues

See CDOL Known Issues 2.4.1

Prior releases